There was drought in the land. The hare and the hyena we hungry, they had not eaten for days. As luck would have it they came across a field with luscious crop. They dug a hole in the fence to help themselves to the crop.  

Once inside the hare ate slowly and just enough to satisfy its hunger. It sang "timpu timpu fyabene, timpu timpu fyabene” taking little here taking little there it's somebody else.  The hyena ate everything in sight singing out loudly "pululu pululu fyakumena fimbi, pululu fyakumena fimbi” grab everything other crops will grow.

Suddenly they heard the farmers footsteps in the field. They dashed towards the hole in the fence. The hare quickly made it through the hole but the hyena was slowed down by its big belly. When it reached the hole in the fence it could not get through.
The farmer found hyena stuck in the fence and killed it for eating his crop.

The moral of the story according to my grandmother was not to be greedy. Eat only what you need  For a young me I failed constantly to heed this wisdom….making myself sick for eating too much or wasting food when my eyes were bigger than my stomach

This tale comes from Zambia.