Giraffe walked through the savannah admiring its luscious green grass.  
On her daily stroll giraffe came across herders with various animals. Giraffe grew envious of the herders she saw each day tending to their flock.

She too could be a great animal herder she thought.  She went out and got a flock of sheep and goats.  One day as the animals grazed giraffe took a nap under a tree. The animals slowly started to wander away. The goats headed east the sheep headed west.  
When giraffe woke up she found that her animals had gone in opposite directions.  She didn’t know whether to follow the goats or the sheep. She decided to stretch herself to the east and the west so she could bring back her both the goats and sheep. As she stretched to the east and the west her body was ripped apart  

The moral of this tale is to be aware of the dangers of envy. Just because someone is doing something doesn’t mean you too must do it. Find your own path, remove distractions and move in your own lane with confidence

This tale comes from Bostwana